Information for NYU Departments Sponsoring Researchers

In order to ensure that resources are available to NYU students and faculty, and to keep Bobst Library a secure environment, access to the building is restricted to valid NYUCard holders and to students and faculty at institutions that have special arrangements with NYU.  In keeping with this policy, procedures exist to request special access for users who need to use the library as part of an "unofficial" affiliation with NYU (ie, users who are not eligible for an NYUCard).


Departmental Sponsorship

  • What does it mean to sponsor someone for library access?

    If your NYU department chooses to sponsor an individual for library access, the department is vouching for that person's validity as a researcher. The department is also taking responsibility for the person's behavior in the library. Individuals should not be sponsored unless they are known to someone in your department, and they have a valid research need to use Bobst Library. This is important not just for security reasons, but because resources at Bobst (as at all libraries) are limited. Before sponsoring someone for access, consider whether Bobst Library is the best venue for this individual's research.

  • What is valid research need?

    Some cases of research need are straightforward: individuals assisting faculty on research projects, for example, clearly need to be able to use the library. But in some cases, requests for access come on behalf of individuals who have identified Bobst as a nice place to study, but who have no affiliation with NYU. If your department is faced with a request for access from an individual unknown to you, please carefully consider whether this person has a genuine need to conduct research in Bobst. Keep in mind that study space and computer access in Bobst is limited, and that there are myriad other research libraries in the area, including the New York Public Library. Keep in mind as well that any resources unique to Bobst may be accessed with a pass from the Public Library. If you are uncertain whether an individual should be sponsored by your department, feel free to contact the Library Privileges supervisor to discuss.

  • What is required in order to sponsor someone for library access?

    If your NYU department wishes to sponsor an individual for library access, please complete the Sponsored Access Request Form.  Note  this form must be signed by an NYU department head, chair, director or Dean.

  • Passes will not be issued to individuals whose access requests have not been approved by a New York University department head, chair, director, or Dean.

Sponsored Borrower

A Sponsored Borrower is someone who has an unofficial affiliation with an NYU department which necessitates borrowing privileges and/or long-term use of the library. In most cases, a Sponsored Borrower is someone assisting an NYU faculty member with research, or collaborating with a faculty member.

  • What library privileges do Sponsored Borrowers receive?

    Sponsored Borrowers may access any materials in the library, including audiovisual materials in the Avery Fisher Center.  Sponsored Borrowers are issued cards with which they may borrow circulating materials; borrowing privileges are the same as they are for NYU staff. A Sponsored Borrower may be added to a faculty member's record as an additional borrower.

    The Sponsored Borrower appointment is valid for access and borrowing privileges at Bobst Library only; it does not extend to other NYU libraries or to Consortium libraries.  Sponsored Borrowers will not be able to access online resources, such as databases and indexes, from off campus; only NYU netID holders may access these resources remotely.

  • What are the terms of appointment?

    Sponsored Borrowers are appointed through the end of an academic term, with the appointment running up to one year.  If a  Sponsored Borrower needs continued access at the end of the year, a new form should be completed, reappointing them. The department is charged as follows:

    Fall $75
    Spring $75
    Summer $50
    Full year $200
  • What is required in order to appoint someone as a Sponsored Borrower?

    To appoint a Sponsored Borrower, complete the Sponsored Borrower Request Form, available online and at the Library Privileges department at Bobst Library (call 212-998-2537 to have a copy faxed to you). The completed form must include:

    • The name and signature of the Sponsored Borrower appointee
    • The dates of appointment
    • A New York University Dean's signature or official stamp
    • The account number to be charged
    • Completed forms should be brought to the Library Privileges desk by the Sponsored Borrower appointee, who will be given a card valid for checkout at Bobst Library. Note that the Sponsored Borrower will need to show this card in addition to some form of photo ID at the entrance to Bobst each time he or she enters the building.


Contact the Library Privileges service window during our scheduled hours at 212-998-2550, or use our Contact Access Services form to submit your question online.

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