Access to Columbia University Libraries

Columbia University Library and the NYU Libraries have reciprocal access policies detailed below.

New York University and Columbia University have a Cooperative Agreement to share library resources through reciprocal on-site access.

Members of Columbia University who are eligible for these reciprocal access privileges are the students, faculty and staff of Columbia University and of the Columbia affiliates: Barnard College, Teachers College, and Union Theological Seminary. Members of NYU who are eligible for these reciprocal access privileges are the students, faculty, and staff of New York University.

Please note that guests, researchers, Visiting Scholars, Friends of the Library/community members, and others who may have special access arrangements at either Columbia or NYU library will not automatically be granted access to the other institution.

To obtain access to Bobst Library, eligible members of Columbia University must present their CUID card with current-semester validation sticker at the Bobst Library Privileges Office (hours). To obtain access to the Columbia libraries, eligible members of NYU must present their valid NYUCard at the Library Information Office at the entrance to Butler library during open hours to obtain an access pass.

The reciprocal agreement between New York University and Columbia is for access only. Borrowing privileges are not included.

Borrowing privileges at Columbia are available for full time faculty and doctoral students through MaRLI: Manhattan Research Library Initiative.

Please direct questions regarding Bobst Library access for Columbia University members to the Bobst Library Privileges Office.

Please direct questions regarding Butler Library access for NYU members to the Butler Library Information Office.

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